Management & Staff

Respite Care Services

Sandra H. Holt, BS, MS, LPC a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with a specialization in Adapted Physical Education from Indiana State University and a Master of Science degree in Counselor Education from the State University of New York @ Brockport; is licensed by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners as a Professional Counselor and is a certified Assisted Living Facility Manager and caregiver. Sandra has experience managing residential services for individuals with special needs and 14 years of county and state government service; managing, administering, directing, monitoring and evaluating social, health and aging programs and services.
"I am excited to bring all that I learned about assisted living while working on ‘the other side’ (county and state) government, and am sure I'll be a better provider having done so."
Beverly D. Odom, BSW, MSW Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Social Work from Arizona State University and is certified in all caregiver levels; Supervisory Care, Personal Care and Directed Care Services. Beverly's years of experience includes working for non-profit organizations requiring her to act as liaison with public and private sector entities to ensure that individuals receive needed services. Beverly has experience managing and developing social services programs for individuals with mental illness and disabilities, residential services and case management.

"I believe that the care an assistant living resident receives is only as good as the team that ensures the resident's care. We focus on ensuring the team is strong enough to get the best result for the resident."


Vivian Booker received nursing assistant training at Phoenix Memorial Hospital while taking her clinicals at Mesa Community College. Vivian received training from Phoenix College and is certified at all levels of care giving. Vivian has 20 years experience providing care in hospitals through the nursing registry and in-home and hospital private nursing care assistance.


"I enjoy working with people and learning from others' life experiences. It is my goal as a caregiver to make sure that all those under my care know that meeting their needs and making them feel a part of something special is my number one concern."



Assisted Living by Sholt extends its deep appreciation and many thanks to the family, friends, organizations & business' that contributed advice, time, money, service, products and good wishes to the making of this facility because they believe in the concept and believe we will provide outstanding care and service.